Sunday, July 8, 2012

an egg tart-filled dedication

About 3 years ago, I went on an all-girls trip to Macau and Hong Kong. To say the least, we ate the 2 cities - day in and out. One of my favorites was Portugese egg tarts. I had had them before in China and Taiwan - and have fallen in love with them since (to the point I would stack my hotel room with at least one box from KFC per day - so to be reunited with them in Macau was pure bliss (foodgasmic face and all). :) And people who know me, know this face well. :p 

Seeing this recipe in foodgawker almost made me squeal. Okay fine, I let out a giddy yelp at the least. :) My only tweaks were to cut the egg filling recipe by 1/3 (I couldn't do fractions beyond that) and using half condensed and evaporated milks. I had about half a cup of condensed milk sitting in the fridge and I couldn't bear to throw it nor pour it all over toasted bread. 

as Roger Federer kissed his Wimbledon trophy today, I kissed my own golden beauty. :p 

I turned out to be TOO crust-happy...but still giddy HAPPY :) 

And on to a more important association with these egg tarts...

I used to bring home boxes of KFC egg tarts for my sister and dad... and it's their birthdays today!! So even if these egg tarts sitting in our fog-covered house in Costa Rica don't make it to her air-conditioned office desk in the Philippines and to the Japanese buffet in New Jersey (last Facebook check-in of my older sister with dad 2 hours ago :p), I dedicate these to them. :) Happy birthday Toots and Pa! :) 

in tummy-rubbing mode after too many shaved ice cones (another post maybe), 

3 straight days of glee and tummy aches because of this.
powdered milk makes everything better.

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